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Rainbow Niagara LGBTQ+ Services:

Addressing the gap in health and social services that are tailored to the unique needs and barriers experienced by sexually and gender diverse populations has been the primary objective of Quest’s Rainbow Niagara Services. Quest has been addressing this health equity issue since our inception in 2010.

Our LGBTQ+ services include: primary health care, trans specific health care, support and care for gender independent children, assessment/referral, and follow-up for gender confirming surgery, mental health support/counseling, outreach, groups and health promotion/community capacity initiatives such as: Pride Prom, community presentations to social services, schools, and medical providers and support to Gay Straight Alliances, PFLAG, and collaborating with various LGBTQ groups/coalitions such as Niagara’s Senior Pride Network. This interdisciplinary team focuses on the delivery of culturally competent LGBTQ+ services to individuals across their lifespan.

If you are seeking culturally competent primary health care and/or trans specific health care contact our front desk client coordinators at 905.688.2558 ext: 0.

For more information about Rainbow Niagara’s outreach and community programs contact Stephanie Vail, Community Health Worker, at 905.688.2558 ext: 222.

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Transformative Change Award

  • Quest’s LGBTQ+ Services was one of the three winners of the the Alliance for Healthier Communities Transformative Change Award in 2019. To read more about it click here.
  • To watch a video about our program click here.