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Quest CHC has three areas of focus:

  1. Primary health care
  2. Health promotion and
  3. Community capacity building

Primary Health Care:

Quest CHC provides primary health care services to individuals experiencing social, economic, and cultural barriers (see Who We Serve). Primary health care refers to an approach to health  that includes  traditional medical services as well as other services that also play a significant role  in ensuring good health, such as income, housing, education, and environment. With this approach, our dedicated team works together to provide health care that address all aspects of a person’s health and well-being. We provide services at our main Quest CHC site and through our points of service.

Health Promotion Initiatives:

Quest CHC recognizes that wellness is more than the absence of disease – it’s about feeling good and staying healthy. Our health promotion services aim to enable and encourage people to increase their control of their health by offering them the knowledge and tools necessary to improve their health.  This is achieved by providing programming and health teachings for individuals, families and communities to support them in staying healthy.

Community Capacity Building:

Quest CHC services and programs are tailored to the local community needs and build on community assets and skills. This refers to identifying, strengthening and linking our community’s resources to better meet the needs of our clients and our community. Quest CHC believes a community cannot be truly healthy until all of its basic physical, social, and emotional needs are addressed. Quest CHC is also a leader in mobilizing community to address community concerns. Quest’s focus on direct service together with infrastructure enhancement  increases the capacity to improve community as well as individual health outcomes.

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