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Community capacity building is  an integral part  of the work we do at Quest.  So we were thrilled to hear about the development of the Queenston Neighbourhood Project and are honoured to take part in this collaboration.

This initiative grew out of a series of community conversations held by Mayor Walter Sendzik in 2016. They were aimed at identifying how stakeholders in our neighbourhood wanted to move the community forward. These conversations resulted in a preliminary report being released in April 2017.  The report highlighted the need for additional consultations through the creation and implementation of an engagement plan. The goal of this plan is to engage all sectors of our community and create a shared vision using an asset based community development approach – i.e. empasize what’s strong instead of what’s wrong! The plan has three components:

  • Round-table: The Queenston Community Round-table is acommitted team of individuals representing all sectors in the community – residents, businesses, community/not-for-profit, faith community, public sector and the Indigenous community- tasked with the goal of engaging the Queenston neighbourhood in a community wide consultation.
  • Community Forum: The Community forum is a public meeting, open to all members of the community.
  • Collective Voice: The Collective voice focuses on building relationships and getting together in small group sessions. Round-table members as well as residents from the community are encouraged to meet together with friends, family members and peers to gather the Collective Voice.

In order to create this collective voice, Queenston Neighborhood Project is currently inviting all Queenston neighbours, business owners, and visitors to share their insights about our community by completing a brief survey.

We urge you to add your voice to this collective effort in order to help achieve a more engaged community that participates, collaborates, celebrates and grows!