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Are you looking to explore new hobbies? Are you looking to share your hobbies with other? Are you looking for new ways to connect with others?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have the virtual group for you!

In 2021, we’re creating a virtual space for clients by clients.
Clients will have the opportunity to share their hobbies, skills, talents and passions through group facilitation and learn new skills from others as a group participant.

The sessions will be Wednesday 10am – 12pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month via zoom.

To learn more or to join, contact Erin at: 905-688-2558 ext. 297 or ewalters@questchc.ca.

January 20, 202110a-12nWire Weaving3 piece jewelry pliers
20 gauge wire (6 ft)
26 gauge wire (24 ft)
February 3, 202110a-12nWriting: how to startPen
February 17, 202110a-12pLaughter YogaYourself
March 3, 202110a-12nFluid Acrylic PaintingCanvas
Paint Brushes
3-4 paint colours
Small cup
Stir sticks
Push pins
Rubber Gloves
March 17, 202110a-12nEye Make-upEye Make-up pallet
Eye Make-up brush
April 7, 202110a-12nDuct Tape FlowersGreen Duct Tape
Coloured Duct Tape
April 21, 202110a-12nCreative WritingPen