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Between Monday July 1st and Sunday September 22nd, Quest embarked on our 3rd Annual Canadian Walking Challenge! Over 55 clients, community members and staff members came together to see if we could collectively walk the Trans Canada Trail which runs from Inuvik, Northwest Territories, through all provinces, to St. John’s, Newfoundland. This is a total of 14,981km (or 18,726,250 steps) and represents our most ambitious goal yet.

With up the wrap of the challenge last month, participants were eager to hear how we did. Thanks to the incredible efforts of participants, we once again surpassed our goal, adding over 6000km to last year’s total!

Collectively, we walked over 18,500km (and over 23,245,000 steps). This is 3,500km more then we set out to walk. To put that in perspective, the additional distance is equivalent to the distance from here to Los Angeles, California!  What a group of very active, overachievers!

In addition to achieving our distance goal, we feel the challenge was also successful in building a sense of community among participants, allowing participants to meet new people who share a similar interest and allowing participants to learn more about our beautiful and diverse country as we “traveled” across the provinces and territories.

We wanted to thank all of those who participated; your dedication, determination and passion for keeping active allowed us to surpass our goals once again. We look forward to keeping this tradition going next summer, until then, keep stepping!