Quest CHC hosts many different health and wellness programs. Group programming ranges from chronic disease management to mental health to health promotion. All groups are free. Some are for registered Quest CHC clients (e.g. Skills to Cope, Healthy You, Craving Change, and Healthy Choices to Recovery), while others are open to individuals from the community (e.g. Smoking Cessation, Chronic Disease Self-Management, and Trans Youth Group).

Groups Open to Clients:

ART JOURNAL WORKSHOP: A place to express creativity, develop new art skills and get to know others with similar interests. This group is open to all skill levels (no experience required). We will be learning a variety of techniques and playing with different materials for a fun and engaging art experience. Drop in to create your very own unique art journal!

CLIENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE: The client advisory committee is an opportunity for clients to learn about Quest, share opinions and feedback, make a difference in Quest services, get volunteer experience and meet new people.

COMMUNITY TIES: Are you looking to become more social? Do you want to get to know your community? Drop in to chat with neighbours, get to know fellow Quest clients and take part in fun activities! These activities will be led by your suggestions and will include board games, trivia, crafts, bingo, and much more!

MANAGING ANXIETY: Do you feel overwhelmed? Is anxiety preventing you from living the life you want? This 6 week group offers a variety of strategies to help you better cope with your fears and worries.

SKILLS TO COPE:Does life often feel chaotic or unmanageable? Do you make impulsive decisions and have difficulty managing your emotions? Learn coping skills to deal with day-to-day life and difficult situations.

SMART RECOVERY: Drop-in group to help you achieve a healthy, positive and balanced life and leave your addictive behaviours behind.

TRANS/GENDER-QUESTIONING YOUTH GROUP: The Trans/Gender Questioning Youth Group is a social support group for gender diverse youth aged 14-19 years. Come out and meet other trans and gender questioning youth for discussion, movies, guest speakers and snacks. Transportation is available.

Groups Open to All Community Members*:

CHRONIC PAIN SELF MANAGEMENT: A workshop for people who live with an chronic or ongoing pain who want to learn ways to better live with their pain and improve their quality of life.

GENDER QUEST:A support group for adults in any stage of gender transition, including those questioning their gender, modeled after Sherbourne Health Centre’s Gender Journeys group.

HOT TOPICS IN HEALTH:A monthly drop-in session that  provides information on different “Hot Topics” in health as chosen by our clients. Topics could range from health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes to healthy behaviours such as sleep and mindfulness.

QUIT SMOKING GROUP: Do you want to quit smoking? Join us to receive smoking cessation counselling to help you develop a personal quit plan, deal with any challenges and access free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (patch, gum, lozenges, inhalers & mist).

TAKE CHARGE! CHRONIC DISEASE SELF MANAGEMENT: A workshop for people who live with an ongoing health problem who need help identifying coping strategies, setting goals, managing stress, making healthier lifestyle choices, working with their healthcare team and living life to the fullest.

*If limited space, priority will be given to clients of Quest CHC.

For more information about our Groups contact 905.688.2558 ext: 253.